Convention survey: Kudos and ideas for improvement

“You guys did a fantastic job
putting on the virtual convention.
Truly impressed.”

– Convention attendee

Thank you to everyone who completed our ISMA convention survey to evaluate their experience and offer suggestions for future events, whether conducted in person or virtually. Seventy-five percent of respondents rated the convention as excellent or good (a top-two score) while another 22% rated it as fair. Feedback, including on how to improve the flow and shorten the event, will be analyzed and used in planning future conventions.

Staff members and a few physician leaders were at the Embassy Suites in Noblesville during convention to facilitate live elements and the virtual production. Approximately 150 delegates, alternate delegates, officers, past presidents and active, retired or student members, attended virtually over the three days, in addition to several county executives and other special guests. Eighty-six attendees completed the survey.

Interaction with staff, either prior to or during convention, earned a top-two score of 95% to 98% by this year’s attendees. ISMA Pulse, the online resolution commenting tool introduced in July, was rated as excellent or good by 86% of respondents. A plurality stated that they accessed ISMA Pulse and commented on resolutions, while many others used ISMA Pulse only to review resolutions in advance.

Additionally, 81% stated that ISMA Pulse should be used for future conventions, whether virtual or in-person, and 77% indicated they would want the preliminary reference committee reports generated from ISMA Pulse to be included in future conventions.


“Make the final session
more efficient
and less time-consuming.”

– Convention attendee

This year, the House of Delegates considered resolutions from 2020, when no policy making occurred, as well as from 2021. Given the large number of resolutions and the unfamiliar process of virtual policy making, survey respondents shared many thoughts on ways to improve the flow and shorten the duration of future events. 

Staff captured numerous verbatim comments from the survey, which will be analyzed and factored into future convention planning to efficiently streamline the process. Again, thanks to all survey respondents for their invaluable input and to all who attended the 172nd Annual ISMA Convention for their contributions to our policy making.