Physician Licensure and Registrations
Medical License
  1. Physicians must obtain their medical license from the Indiana Medical Licensing Board (MLB). The MLB can be contacted at (317) 234-2060; or visit the MLB website.
  2. Physician licenses must be renewed by October 31 of odd-numbered years (i.e., every two years) and can be renewed online in most instances.
  3. Renewal fees are $200 (late fees are an additional $50).
  4. Physicians may choose to reduce their license status to inactive. The fee for an inactive license is half of the active license fee (i.e., $100). Physicians with an inactive license may not maintain and office or practice; charge a fee for a service that constitutes the practice of medicine; or hold either a federal Drug Enforcement Administration Registration or an Indiana Controlled Substance Registration.  See Ind. Code §§ 25-22.5-6-1 and 35-48-3-3.
Controlled Substance Registration (CSR) Number
  1. In order to prescribe, administer or dispense controlled substances in Indiana, physicians must obtain a CSR from the Indiana Board of Pharmacy.
  2. CSRs must be renewed at the same time as a physician's medical license (i.e., by October 31 of odd-numbered years) and can be renewed simultaneously online.
  3. Renewal fees are $60.
  4. Beginning July 1, 2019, physicians renewing their CSR must have completed 2 hours of continuing medical education (CME) on opioid prescribing and abuse.  See Ind. Code § 35-48-3-3.5 and the MLB website.  ISMA members have free access to CME that fulfills this mandate.  Learn more here
U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) Number
  1. A DEA registration is also required in order to prescribe, administer or dispense controlled substances.  DEA numbers must be obtained from the DEA. The DEA telephone number is (800) 882-9539; or visit the DEA website.
  2. DEA numbers must be renewed every three years (based on the date the number was originally assigned).
  3. Renewal fees are $888.