The Indiana Medical Political Action Committee (IMPAC) fights for Indiana physicians by supporting the political campaigns of Hoosiers who align with ISMA’s policy agenda. From opposing dangerous scope-of-practice changes to protecting Indiana’s top-notch medical malpractice climate and successfully advocating for state-level prior authorization reform, IMPAC provides organized medicine with the access and influence we need to remain a powerful voice in the Indiana General Assembly.

Shalin E. Arnett, DO 
Jane M. Bridges, MD 
Kevin R. Burke, MD 
Alexander S. Choi, MD 
Ann Marie Hake, MD 
C. William Hanke, MD 
Brian S. Hart, MD
Maria G. Del Rio Hoover, MD 
Nathan S. Johnson, MD 
Vidya S. Kora, MD 
Douglas Morrell, MD 
Winston R. Nara, MD 
Matthew J. Priddy, MD 
Richard M. Rust, MD 
David A. Scott, MD 
Seung B. Sim, MD 
Roger S. Stienecker, MD 
J. Elizabeth Struble, MD 
Stacie Wenk, DO

Jody M. Barber, MD 
Alan J. Birnbaum, MD 
Robert A. Brewer, MD 
Thomas A. Broadie, MD 
Stephen J. Burns, MD 
Bruce E. Burton, MD 
Reneelynn M. Dixon, MD 
William A. Engle, MD 
James V. Faris, MD 
Richard D. Feldman, MD 
Walter Fritz, MD 
Vidyadhar R. Gandra, MD 
John M. Gorup, MD 
Tyler E. Heavin, MD 
Mark A. Henderson, MD
Gerald T. Keener, Jr., MD 
Michael J. Lalich, MD 
Joshua Lowinsky, MD 
Robert S. Martino, MD 
Kristin A. McCorkle, MD 
William L. McNiece, MD 
Jamie L. Mull, MD 
Jody S. Petts, MD 
Eduardo G. Rivera, Jr., MD 
Thomas R. Scherschel, MD 
Don J. Selzer, MD 
J. Frank Swaim, MD
Richard A. Tibbals, MD
Emily Volk, MD
David J. Welsh, MD 
Larry V. Williams, MD 
Charles F. Wolter, Jr., MD 
Steven R. Young, MD

L. Annette Alpert, MD 
Robert W. Brandt, MD 
David J. Carlson, MD, FACS 
Carolyn A. Cunningham, MD 
Frederick K. Dean, MD 
Annette M. Dinneen, MD 
Avonelle A. Dorant, MD 
Ramon S. Dunkin, MD 
Maria Evangelista, MD 
Michael S. Farthing, MD 
Elpidio M. Feliciano, MD 
Jonathan A. Fisch, MD 
Honorable Rita A. Fleming, MD 
J. Paul Gentile, MD 
Richard Green, MD 
Jennifer K. Hardy, MD 
David M. Harsha, MD 
Clayton B. Hathaway, MD 
Elizabeth M. Herber, MD 
Jack W. Higgins, MD 
Thomas M. Hoess, MD 
Robert E. Holt, MD
Tony E. Hood, MD 
Eugene Huang, MD 
Jon M. Igelman, MD 
Kay F. Johnson-Keys, MD 
John D. Jones, MD 
Rupal S. Juran, MD 
Pravin M. Karia, MD 
Jeffrey J. Kellams, MD 
Stephen E. Kroczek, MD 
John E. Krol, MD 
John F. Miller, MD 
Wayne S. Miller, MD 
Gareth A. Morgan, MD 
Erin S. Murphy, MD 
John N. Porter, MD 
Milton W. Roggenkamp, MD 
Alan D. Schmetzer, MD 
Jonathan P. Schmidt, MD 
Robert N. Severinac, MD 
Ellyn T. Stecker, MD 
Karl D. Stein, MD 
Edward C. Wheeler, MD 
Eric A. Yancy, MD

Paid for and authorized by the Indiana Medical Political Action Committee (IMPAC).
Contributions or gifts to the Indiana Medical Political Action Committee are not deductible as charitable contributions for federal income tax purposes.