2018 Announced ISMA Candidates
The following members had declared their candidacies for ISMA office by press time. Candidates may still file to run by completing the candidate form.

Nominations may also be made from the floor at either the Saturday morning or Sunday House of Delegates session.

Nominating speeches will be permitted for the president-elect position only. In nominating a candidate for other positions, delegates need only state the name and office of the candidate.

Lisa Hatcher, MD

Columbia City

ISMA member since 1997

Positions held: Chair of the Board of Trustees, Future Directions Task Force, Executive Committee, Family Violence Committee, Women in Medicine Committee, Commission on Constitution and Bylaws

Speaker of the House
Roberto Darroca, MD

Obstetrics/gynecology, Muncie

ISMA member since 1986

Positions held: Commission on Legislation, Trustee, Executive Committee and Chair of the Opioid Prescribing Task Force
Vice Speaker
Andrew Trobridge, MD

Pain management, Shelbyville

ISMA member since 2001

Positions held: Vice Speaker, Trustee and Alternate Trustee, Family Violence Committee, Commission on Legislation, President of Young Physician Society

Pardeep Kumar, MD

Internal medicine, Terre Haute

ISMA member since 2005

Positions held: Trustee and Alternate Trustee, Executive Committee, Commission on Legislation

Assistant Treasurer

No announced candidates


AMA Delegates

Stephen Tharp, MD

Internal medicine, Frankfort

ISMA member since 1981

Positions held: AMA Delegate, President, Chair of Commission on Legislation, Grievance Committee, Commission on Physician Assistance, Task Force on INCAP

Vidya Kora, MD

Internal medicine, Michigan City

ISMA member since 1987

Positions held: AMA Delegate, President, Speaker, 
Vice Speaker, Commission on Legislation, Commission on Medical Education, School Health Committee, 
Task Force on Accountable Care Organizations

AMA Alternate Delegates

Thomas Vidic, MD

Neurology, Elkhart

ISMA member since 1984

Positions held: AMA Alternate Delegate, President, Speaker, Executive Committee, Commission on Legislation, School Health Committee, Grievance Committee

Brent Mohr, MD

Rheumatology, South Bend

ISMA member since 1994

Positions held: AMA Alternate Delegate, President, Executive Committee, Grievance Committee, Information Technology Committee