172nd Annual ISMA Convention
3-day event to be virtual; resolution commenting expands
On Sunday, March 7, the ISMA Board of Trustees  decided to conduct the 2021 annual convention – including elections and policy making – virtually from Friday, Sept. 10, to Sunday, Sept. 12. Although COVID-19 vaccinations mean some pandemic restrictions are easing, it was not possible to determine far enough in advance whether convention could safely and comfortably be held in person.

Board members recognized that conducting the House of Delegates meeting virtually could enable a greater number of members to participate in our policy making process and that we could leverage new technologies that we would never have considered using just a few short years ago. So, we are expanding – essentially doubling – opportunities to review and comment virtually on resolutions informally before convention. This may also help minimize the changes needed during the “live” House of Delegates where parliamentary procedure will be more complicated in a virtual environment.
Read a statement from ISMA leaders about this decision.