Board of Trustees considers resolutions referred for action, study
The ISMA Board of Trustees has completed all 12 of the resolutions referred to the board for action or study by the 2022 House of Delegates. 

At their May 2023 meeting, board members considered and/or acted on the five remaining resolutions below. Study reports were approved for the five resolutions presented. 

Resolution 22-20:  Sunsetting Resolution Process (Study) 

Resolution 22-30:  Increasing Community Safety with Regards to Firearms (Study)

Resolution 22-41:  Appropriate Ratios for Nonphysician Practitioner Supervision (Action)

Resolution 22-49:  Amendments to the Definition of the Practice of Medicine (Study)

Resolution 22-80:  Acknowledgement of the Public Health Dangers Associated with Crisis Pregnancy Centers (Study) 

For details about the board’s actions on these resolutions and links to approved study reports, please visit Signing in with your ISMA username and password is required.

Vice Speaker Alex Choi, MD, (far right) gives the board an update on the resolution process, resolution deadline (June 11) and Convention.