Pete the Planner: Break big money problems down, implement practical solutions to navigate recovery
Peter Dunn, better known as Pete the Planner, is a USA Today columnist, author of 10 books and host of the popular radio show and podcast, The Pete the Planner Show. He has appeared on CNN Headline News, Fox News, Fox Business and other programs. 

This Wednesday, May 20, at noon, he’ll present the free CME webinar, Financial Recovery with Pete the Planner. where he’ll focus on how to keep our business finances from sinking our personal finances, and vice versa. Dunn will also be presenting a CME program this fall at the 171st Annual ISMA Convention – stay tuned for more information!  

ISMA recently asked him a few questions about himself and his financial approach to weathering tough times.

Q: What are the biggest financial concerns you have been hearing about regarding physician practices getting back on track as businesses start to re-open? 

A: The inability to work has caused both business and personal cash-flow issues for business owners. Not only must the leaders within physician groups navigate their own economic concerns, they must also cope with the economic realities of their staff. Many physicians are concerned about morale and productivity once offices open back up. 

Q: What do you find fulfilling about providing financial direction for people? 

A: I like bringing clarity to confusing situations. So much is going wrong in the financial lives of Americans today, but breaking the problems down and separating them from each other can make otherwise unsolvable problems tenable. Most people struggle to identify their financial priorities, and even more people struggle to allocate their resources toward those priorities. I also enjoy offering practical solutions that are actionable. We all know to spend less than we earn, but our financial lives aren’t that simple.

Q: What gives you optimism for the future, as we move through the next few months of financial recovery?

A: Without a doubt, the best part of my 20 years in the financial industry has been the comeback stories. I’ve seen improbable success stories come from incredibly difficult challenges. There are definitely financial challenges in front of many of us, but it’s resiliency that will determine whether or not we’re able to rebuild. I’m optimistic about our ability to support each other as we rebuild our businesses and the economy at large. 

Financial Recovery with Pete the Planner
Wednesday, May 20, 2020
Noon – 1 p.m. EDT
Free; registration required