Ashleigh Omorogbe elected ISMA-MSS president
Ashleigh Omorogbe, MSMS
MS-III at Indiana University School of Medicine and
President-elect of the ISMA Medical Student Society
Ashleigh Omorogbe, MSMS, an MS-III at Indiana University School of Medicine (IUSM) in Indianapolis, has been elected president of the ISMA Medical Student Society (ISMA-MSS) for 2018. She is the student representative on the ISMA Committee on Physician Assistance and participates in the AMA Medical Student Society as IUSM class representative, a member of the Committee on Legislation and Advocacy and legislative chair for the Region 5 Executive Board.

A list of all 2018 ISMA-MSS officers is below.  

ISMA-MSS 2018 Officers

Ashleigh Omorogbe

VP Administration: 
Vanni Rodriguez

VP Operations:
Dylan Kelleher

VP Membership MUCOM: 
Raveen Sugantharaj 

VP Membership IUSM:  
Patrick Dugan

Mohsin Mukhtar

Alt Trustee: 
Kelsey Quin

Community Action (2): 
Kevin Kuo
Tyler Robinson

Michael Keller

Committee on Med Education: 
Kaitlyn Brown

Committee on Physician Assistance: 
Jessica Muldoon

Committee on Legislation:
Caitlin Harmon

Committee on Constitution and Bylaws: 
Bradley Schroeder

Committee on Sports Medicine: 
Cindy Abam