Watch your email for ISMA survey!
By Dave Albin
ISMA Director of Membership and Marketing

Watch your email over the next few days for an important survey ISMA is conducting. Your response is needed to help us better understand the relative value of our offerings and the decision-making of ISMA members. We want to know your opinions on public health, legislative advocacy, communications and physician employment issues, as well as the ISMA brand, services and membership benefits.

The email contains a link to the survey on the Qualtrics research platform. You can click the link on your computer, tablet or phone and complete the survey in just a few minutes. The software will allow ISMA staff to tabulate results, analyze data and report our findings.

No personally identifiable information will be gathered or shared with ISMA’s staff or physician leaders, although several geographic and demographic questions are included to let us view results by various member segments. 

The more responses we receive, the more actionable the data will be as ISMA determines strategic focus and the most pressing issues needing our attention.

Thank you in advance for sharing your thoughts on your ISMA membership when you receive the emailed link!