Hoosier doctors: Administer COVID-19 vaccine at your office
The Indiana Department of Health (IDOH) is encouraging physicians, especially in more rural areas, to enroll their practices as COVID-19 vaccine administration sites. Many people who remain unvaccinated have said they’re waiting until they can be vaccinated by their own doctors, and there is now enough vaccine to make this feasible. 

Physicians who would like to administer the COVID-19 vaccine can sign up through the IDOH provider enrollment portal. The enrollment process will cover all of the requirements, including vaccine storage and temperature monitoring. Applications will be processed as quickly as possible.

Indiana physicians who’ve administered the vaccine at volunteer clinics say helping patients resume their normal lives is a rewarding experience.

“I have volunteered several times in the Ascension St. Vincent Vaccine Clinic in Indianapolis,” said Katie Kelley, MD (right). “Patients coming through the vaccine clinic are usually amused to learn that I am a neonatologist who specializes in taking care of sick or premature babies. I tell them that I want to do whatever I can to end this coronavirus pandemic.”

Additional information on the COVID-19 vaccine administration process is available on the IDOH Vaccine Provider Resources webpage. If you have further questions, IDOH asks that you submit a request to its Provider Helpdesk.