If you issue birth, death certificates, enroll in DRIVE now
Many physicians have contacted ISMA with questions about the relatively new DRIVE system (Database Registration of Indiana’s Vital Events) and the “notice of noncompliance” emails they’ve received from the Indiana Department of Health (IDOH). Because this is the state’s new birth and death certificate registry system, any physician who issues birth or death certificates as part of their practice should sign up for the system as soon as possible.

IDOH stands ready to assist with technical issues as you integrate this new system into your practice. If you need assistance, contact the IDOH Vital Records help desk or call it at 317-233-7989.

Physicians who do not register for the new DRIVE system may receive a “notice of non-compliance” from the IDOH. Physicians who do not issue birth or death certificates as part of their practice may disregard this notice of noncompliance. Those physicians may simply contact the IDOH help desk and ask to be removed from the distribution list.