Are you volunteering at a vaccine clinic? Let us hear from you
Are you a physician who is volunteering to get Hoosiers vaccinated against COVID-19? If so, please let ISMA know, so we can recognize you publicly! We appreciate your dedication to helping Indiana overcome the COVID-19 pandemic through helping implement the state’s vaccination distribution plan. 

Volunteer medical professionals are a key part of ensuring our communities can get back to normal as quickly as possible. Last weekend, ISMA members Rep. Rita Fleming, MD; and Bhanu Thaker, MD, vice president of the Clark County Health Department Board of Directors; went the extra mile by volunteering to inoculate Hoosiers at the Indiana State Department of Health’s mass vaccination clinic in Sellersburg. Thank you to Drs. Fleming and Thaker for their service! 

Other volunteers – Please share with ISMA if you’re volunteering your time and expertise so we can recognize your heroic efforts in ISMA Reports or on ISMA’s social media pages. Information can be submitted to Julie Dart

Bhanu Thaker, MD

Rep. Rita Fleming, MD

Photos: Clark County Health Department