ISMA adds 128 members in January
ISMA would like to welcome the following 128 physicians, who joined ISMA in January. We’re grateful for each member’s support as we advocate for physicians and patients! Thank you for your confidence in us and our mission; every new member adds to our collective strength.

Rima Ahmad, MD, Indianapolis

Tahmina M. Ahmad, DO, Indianapolis

Gloria R. Alano, MD, Bloomington

Shaun M. Altneu, DO, Bloomington

Anna W. Anderson, MD, Indianapolis

Leigh A. Anderson, MD, Indianapolis

Michael J. Barrus, MD, Indianapolis

Nicholas M. Beaudrie, DO, Indianapolis

Kimberly Benham, DO, Bloomington

Jay A. Bhavsar, DO, Richmond

Emily E. Blake, MD, Indianapolis

Nathan J. Bleeke, DO, Indianapolis

Felicia Boakye-Dankwah, MD, Indianapolis

David C. Boardman, DO, Bedford

Frank K. Boateng, MD, Bloomington

Barrett S. Boody, MD, Carmel

Lyndsey N. Booker, MD, Indianapolis

Johnathan S. Brenia, DO, Indianapolis

Daniel C. Brown, MD, Indianapolis

Chase F. Carpenter, DO, Richmond

Megan J. Carpenter, DO, Richmond

Rachel Chang, MD, Indianapolis

Madeline Chikamba, MD, Indianapolis

Erin A. Chung, DO, Richmond

Bradley A. Clark, MD, Indianapolis

Timothy A. Cobb, DO, Richmond

Anthony P. Collins, DO, Fort Wayne

Andrew H. Combs, MD, Muncie

James M. Danias, DO, Fort Wayne

Michael W. Daugherty, MD, Evansville

Jason P. Davis, MD, Indianapolis

Jennifer A. Davis, MD, Indianapolis

Jacob D. DeWitt, MD, Indianapolis

Nabih Diab, MD, Indianapolis

Ricardo R. Dorotheo, MD, Bedford

Filip Drambarean, MD, Indianapolis

Kevin D. Ergle, MD, Indianapolis

Suzanne L. Field, MD, Bloomington

Jessica S. Ford, DO, Indianapolis

Sarah E. Freese, MD, Bedford

Daniel J. Garrison, MD, Bloomington

Christopher J. Gasaway, DO, Richmond

David A. Grunow, MD, Bloomington

Kanupriya Gulati, DO, Indianapolis

Alex D. Hamilton, DO, Indianapolis

Shannon S. Hamilton, DO, Indianapolis

Patrick E. Heckman, DO, Indianapolis

Michelle Herman, MD, Bloomington

Grant W. Hicks, DO, Indianapolis

Brittany L. Higginbotham, DO, Indianapolis

Charles L. Hill, DO, Indianapolis

Stephen A. Hon, DO, Indianapolis

Jette V. Hooper, MD, Indianapolis

Imran M. Husain, MD, Indianapolis

Novera Inam, MD, Richmond

Andrew J. Johnson, MD, Indianapolis

Kevin A. Jones, MD, Bedford

Allison M. Kaderabek, MD, Bloomington

Michael W. Kane, MD, Bloomington

Karthik Kannegolla, MD, Bloomington

Francis J. Karle, DO, Bloomington

Christina D. Kelly, MD, Bloomington

Wasim A. Khasawneh, MD, Bloomington

Stephanie S. Kidd, DO, Richmond

Katelyn J. Klosterman, MD, Indianapolis

Melissa D. Kunkel, MD, Bloomington

Ivy M. Lee, MD, Bloomington

Jian Li, MD, Martinsville

Wen D. Lin, DO, Richmond

James M. Lindsay, MD, Bloomington

Tyler J. Lucas, DO, Indianapolis

Amelie Lueders, MD, Indianapolis

Emily N. Lynch, DO, Richmond

John G. Maijub, MD, Indianapolis

Christopher A. Manger, MD, Bedford

Jason C. Mann, DO, Fort Wayne

Radhika Manne, MD, Indianapolis

Paul J. Martin, MD, Indianapolis

Mira G. McKary, DO, Indianapolis

Janet S. Meckley, MD, Richmond

Rituparna Medda, DO, Indianapolis

Saki Miwa, MD, Bloomington

Laila Mossa-Basha, DO, Indianapolis

Mark S. Munroe, MD, Bloomington

Micheal T. Murphy, MD, Indianapolis

Adrienne E. Ng, MD, Indianapolis

Nuzhat U. Nisa, MD, Richmond

Cory L. Norman, MD, Bloomington

Ethan T. Oates, MD, Indianapolis

Sarah N. Olvey, DO, Indianapolis

Andrew R. Osborn, MD, Indianapolis

Allison Palmer, DO, Indianapolis

Ravi J. Patel, MD, South Bend

Amanda J. Pettibone-Pond, MD, Bloomington

Glenn W. Pottmeyer, DO, Indianapolis

Omar Qayum, MD, Indianapolis

Gudars M. Rahnema, DO, Richmond

Elizabeth M. Riddell, MD, Indianapolis

Stephanie L. Riley, MD, Bloomington

Milan Ristic, DO, Indianapolis

Soha A. Rizvi, DO, Richmond

Michael P. Rominger, MD, Martinsville

Emily E. Ross, MD, Indianapolis

Joel A. Sampson, MD, Indianapolis

Beatriz Sanchez, MD, Bloomington

Camilo Santiago, MD, Bloomington

Nicole L. Sbircea, DO, Indianapolis

Joshua T. Scantland, MD, Indianapolis

Peter N. Schilt, MD, Noblesville

Daniel J. Schramm, MD, Indianapolis

Darrin M. Schwartz, DO, Richmond

Adriana K. Segatta, MD, Indianapolis

Bahadur Shah, MD, Bloomington

Edwin N. Shoemaker, MD, Indianapolis

Colleen F. Silva, MD, Indianapolis

Alexander C. Slaten, DO, Indianapolis

Olivia F. Smith, DO, Indianapolis

John B. Stephens, MD, Carmel

Carly Thoma-Perry, DO, Indianapolis

Elliott J. Trosky, MD, Indianapolis

Justin Tudino, DO, Richmond

Hannah M. Vetter, DO, Indianapolis

Savahanna L. Wagner, DO, Indianapolis

Jenna M. Wald, MD, Indianapolis

Megan A. Welker, DO, Richmond

Derrick C. Whiting, DO, Richmond

Cody S. Yerger, MD, South Bend

Billie D. Zody, MD, Bloomington