Healthy Indiana Plan renewed through 2020
Indiana’s application to renew the Healthy Indiana Plan (HIP), the state’s Medicaid waiver program serving more than 400,000 low-income adults, has been approved by the federal Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services through December 2020. In addition to expanding Indiana’s Gateway to Work program and creating new exemptions, the approval includes changes designed to upgrade benefits and make them easier for patients, physicians and other health care professionals to use.
Copies of the renewal application, letter of renewal, frequently asked questions and other helpful resources are posted at The site also includes the following summary of changes under the renewal:
  • Substance use disorder services are enhanced. The renewal adds new covered services for HIP and Medicaid, including residential treatment services and addiction recovery management. Infuses approximately $80 million in funding annually over the next three years for substance use disorder treatment to help battle the opioid epidemic. Enables treatment services in more locations and new treatment centers throughout Indiana.
  • Increased efforts and incentives will help members stop smoking and using tobacco.
  • A simplified payment system will ease the administrative burden for both HIP members and health care providers.
  • New chiropractic benefits for HIP Plus members will complement vision and dental benefits already available.
  • A new policy will allow pregnant members to remain in HIP rather than temporarily moving to Medicaid.
  • Beginning in 2019, participation in the Gateway to Work initiative will be required for some HIP members. Gateway to Work helps connect HIP members with job training and search assistance or other education, community engagement or work opportunities.
  • HIP members will be required to work, go to school, volunteer or participate in a number of other qualifying activities for up to 20 hours a week. Some exemptions include members who are pregnant, medically frail, taking care of a young child or older than 59.
  • POWER Accounts, deductibles and members’ health plan choices are now based on the calendar year for all members.