Resources assess future of private practices, seek to lessen burnout
Two new resources from the AMA are designed to help reduce burnout, make your medical practice more sustainable, and share insight into the future of independent physician-owned medical practices. 

AMA STEPS Forward™ Saving Time Playbook
Part 1 of this interactive resource begins by showing you how to eliminate unnecessary tasks that create stress. Other sections address annual prescription renewal and medication management, followed by managing your in-basket and optimizing your patient portal. Part 2, “Incorporate Practice Fundamentals, covers pre-visit planning and lab testing, rooming and discharge protocols and team documentation. Part 3 deals with how to make the case for reducing burnout to leadership. Download it here.

Report: Supporting and Promoting High-Performing Physician-Owned Private Practices
This white paper produced in collaboration with Mathematica analyzes the factors that create and sustain high-performing, physician-owned private practices, and discusses advantages, challenges and changes to the practice model that private practitioners foresee. It concludes that physician-owned practices will continue to be an important part of health care, but their success depends on a commitment by various stakeholders to removing obstacles and the creation of opportunities for success. Download it here.