Indiana Physician Coalition launches to protect patients, boost access to quality care
Jan. 14 marked the official public launch of the Indiana Physician Coalition. Formed in 2020 as a new statewide scope of practice partnership, its mission is to protect patients from harm, increase access to quality care and help control health care spending. That means stopping “scope creep” by advanced practitioners who seek greater autonomy to work without physician involvement.

“There is no one better to advocate for Hoosier patients than the health care professionals they trust most – their doctors,” said Roberto Darroca, MD, president of the ISMA. “Our combined strength, with 11 medical associations and specialty societies coming together as one, will help us to better promote physician-led care and prevent inappropriate scope of practice expansion.”

The first phase of Indiana’s campaign will introduce the coalition and lay the groundwork by emphasizing the rigorous qualifications physicians must meet to practice medicine. A coalition website and fact sheet highlight how Hoosiers trust physicians to manage their care, compared with other members of the health care team.

“Health care teams require leadership, just as teams do in sports,” added Dr. Darroca. “Physicians bring to the team the highest level of training and preparation, which we use to guide other members of the team to provide the highest quality of care possible for patients.”

ISMA members are encouraged to become familiar with the coalition’s messages, join its advocacy efforts and recruit physician colleagues to do the same.

The campaign will evolve as state lawmakers consider various scope-related issues. Planning is already underway for future phases of the campaign and to prepare for the 2022 legislative session, when more scope of practice bills are expected to be introduced.

ISMA members will automatically receive coalition communications. However, nonmember physicians and medical students can visit the coalition website to sign up for updates, or join ISMA to provide an even greater level of support.

For now, please visit:
– Coalition website, including a fact sheet on why qualifications in health care matter.

@IN_Physicians on Twitter.

@IndianaPhysicians on Facebook.