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     Members receive a 5% premium credit on ProAssurance malpractice coverage
ProAssurance is ISMA’s preferred medical professional liability insurer, and ISMA members are eligible to receive a 5% premium credit on professional liability coverage from ProAssurance. For more information and to access this important benefit of ISMA membership, visit

For decades, physicians have counted on ISMA to keep the cost of medical malpractice insurance premiums low – our advocacy was instrumental in Indiana’s passage of the medical malpractice legislation in 1975. Speaking with the voice of thousands of members, ISMA has since defended the law against numerous legal and legislative challenges. Those efforts – made possible by your annual dues – continue to yield results: In the latest national report (showing three specialties), Indiana’s malpractice insurance rates remain unchanged from a year earlier and remain better than nearby states.

According to the Medical Liability Monitor’s annual commercial rate survey, published in October, ProAssurance’s professional liability coverage rates for internal medicine, general surgery, and OB/GYN remained unchanged from the previous year. And, compared with rates in the neighboring states of Illinois, Kentucky, Michigan and Ohio, Indiana’s rates are significantly lower in nearly all categories.

Our work to maintain low malpractice insurance rates is key to our goal of making Indiana one of the best states in which to practice medicine, as ISMA member Mark R. Benson, DO, chief physician executive of American Health Network can attest: “The medical malpractice premium in Indiana was a key factor in my decision to practice medicine in Indiana after completing a family practice residency at an institution outside the state,” he said.

ISMA needs the continued support of every member to continue this important advocacy. If you have not yet renewed your membership for 2023, please submit your dues by Sunday, Jan. 15 to keep your membership current. Payment may be mailed back to ISMA with your dues statement or submitted online at If you are part of a practice receiving a group discount, your practice administrator will take care of your renewal.

Thank you for your commitment to making Indiana one of the best states in which to practice medicine and to making Hoosiers among the healthiest people in the country! If you have questions about dues or the membership renewal process, contact Vicki Riley at (317) 454-7735.