Your ideas can make a difference!

We’re happy to introduce ISMA Pulse, an electronic tool that allows more members to participate in creating ISMA policy and makes policymaking more transparent. ISMA Pulse enables members to give feedback on resolutions before the annual convention, when they are voted on by the House of Delegates. Even if you have never been active in ISMA, with ISMA Pulse, you can make your voice heard on important issues affecting the practice of medicine, Hoosiers’ health and our organization. You can use ISMA Pulse 24/7 on your computer, tablet or smartphone (using a computer is advised).

What are resolutions?

Resolutions are submitted by ISMA members each year for consideration by the House of Delegates at convention. A resolution asks ISMA to take a specific action, and those adopted by the House of Delegates can drive ISMA’s public policy and legislative agenda, determine ISMA’s formal position on issues or make structural and process changes. By commenting on ISMA resolutions, you can make a difference for your profession and your patients.

The 2021 resolution commenting process

How to access and log-in to the ISMAPulse. 


Comment Period 1 (July 26-Aug. 15):

Resolutions will be posted and can be reviewed at ISMA Pulse is also accessible through the ISMA Events app, available at or in app stores. Any ISMA member may comment on resolutions using ISMA Pulse. To maintain transparency, members’ names will be displayed with their comments. In addition, you may comment on a resolution only once, and comments cannot be changed once they have been submitted.

Reference Committee Review (Aug. 15-Aug. 23):

ISMA reference committees will prepare preliminary recommendations, taking members’ comments into consideration. Reference committees can recommend that the House of Delegates adopt, not adopt or amend a resolution, or refer it to the Board of Trustees for study or action.

Comment Period 2 (Aug. 23 to Sept. 5):

Preliminary reference committee recommendations on resolutions are posted, and any ISMA member may comment. Members’ names will be displayed with their comments. As in Comment Period 1, you may comment only once, and comments cannot be changed once they have been submitted.

Reference Committee Reports Posted (Sept. 11/Convention):

Reference committee reports will be posted online. At convention, any member may speak on a resolution at reference committee meetings, but only House of Delegate members may speak at and vote during the House of Delegates meetings