July 29, 2022

Indiana State Medical Association statement on responses to Dobbs decision

INDIANAPOLIS – Julie Reed, JD, executive vice president of the Indiana State Medical Association, issued the following statement today:

“The State’s responses to the Dobbs decision are creating an atmosphere that is being perceived by many physicians as antagonistic toward their profession. This could have a catastrophic, generational effect on our ability to adequately address the health care needs of Hoosiers and our already unhealthy state. 

“Physicians and patients are in the best position to make informed decisions, in good faith, about what is best for the health of the patient, consistent with evidence-based medicine. Indiana cannot have an effective health care system if the training and expertise of physicians is not respected and they are under constant threat of political interference for practicing medicine and assisting their patients. 

“Hoosier patients and their physicians deserve to be treated with dignity and respect. We urge lawmakers to preserve and support the sanctity of the physician-patient relationship by removing the threat of criminal penalties and including an exception for the health of the mother in any state law abortion ban.” 

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