About ISMA
Indiana State Medical Association (ISMA) is a federation of county and district medical societies all across Indiana. With more than 9,500 members, ISMA continues its dedication to a mission of helping the state’s physicians provide the best possible health care for their patients.

Since 1849, ISMA has educated physicians about scientific and clinical developments in medicine. Today, the organization offers continuing medical education (CME) for physicians and practice management seminars for medical office staff. Other institutions and organizations earn accreditation from ISMA to provide their own CME programs for physicians.

ISMA’s educational outreach has expanded to include providing information on health and medical issues to Indiana’s state and national representatives, the public and the media. In addition, collaborative community efforts of the association focus on reducing domestic violence, curbing underage drinking, encouraging smoking cessation and improving health education in Indiana’s schools.

ISMA representatives work in Indianapolis and Washington, D.C., to safeguard the health and well-being of today’s generation of Hoosiers – as well as tomorrow’s.