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LearnThe AMA Steps Forward program offers resources, education and tools; you need not be an AMA member to access it.

Online communities allow physicians to share concerns and insights.
BlogDr. Burnout is about reigniting with passion and purpose, a metamorphosis of the mind, body, emotions and spirit.

BlogThe Happy MD by Dike Drummond, MD, offers coaching, training and consulting to treat and prevent burnout.

BlogKevin MD is a collaborative site for physicians, residents and others to share stories and insights about health care.       

BlogHot Heels, Cool Kicks, & a Scalpel is a blog from an Indiana trauma surgeon with a lot to say about balance in her life.

BlogZDoggMD mixes humor and rap music.

Collegial groups GroupsThe American Balint Society, a group of physicians or clinicians who meet regularly to discuss clinical cases, helps uncover new perceptions through shared experiences.

LearnThe Enigma Series was initiated in LaPorte County and later in Allen County; the format is informal, educational, interactive and fun. Physicians are chosen to individually present cases to their peers in a Socratic fashion, and the group arrives at a diagnosis together.

LearnMindTools is an online training webpage focused on helping you excel at work by teaching leadership and personal effectiveness skills.  While it is designed for most professionals, physicians may benefit from its resources on time and stress management as well other relevant topics like recovering from burnout.

Ted Talks, for when you feel totally burned outWorn out? Exhausted? Bleary-eyed? TedTalksIf you need a little something to ease your frustration and get you back in the spirit, this collection of talks should help.

InformationTedTalksHere are four ways physicians can harness the power of reflection.