Doctor Your Spirit
Maintaining mental, physical and emotional wellness is more important than ever for physicians during this stressful time. Each week, ISMA will share a few resources to help relieve stress and care for yourself.

Staying sane while battling COVID-19
MedPage Today curated this extensive collection of advice and resources – by medical specialty – for health care professionals navigating the stressors of caring for COVID-19 patients.

Program offers pro bono teletherapy
Project Parachute matches therapists with health care workers on the front lines of the COVID pandemic for pro bono teletherapy sessions. It began as a way to assist the University of North Carolina's physician mental health program but has expanded across the U.S. Learn more.

PeerRXMed ensures ‘no one cares alone’
PeerRXMed uses a “buddy system” to provide support and guidance for physicians and other health professionals. Learn more about this free program here and sign up on the PeerRXMed website.