Submit Resolutions
  • Begin with a clear action or stand you would like ISMA to take on an issue, and the reasons.
  • Write a short title.
  • Include your name or the names of ISMA members introducing the resolution.
  • Develop one or more "Whereas" statements explaining the issue and why ISMA action is requested.
  • Conclude with one or more “Resolved” statements that must stand alone and say what you want ISMA to do in a clear and specific action plan. For example: "Resolved, that ISMA seek legislation at the state level requiring health insurers to end the practice of rescission."
  • For help, call ISMA at (800) 257-4762 or (317) 261-2060.

The deadline to submit 2018 resolutions is July 30.

Read all 2017 resolutions here.​

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