Submit Resolutions

ISMA resolutions, introduced each year at the ISMA House of Delegates, drive ISMA’s  policy and legislative agenda. The deadline to submit resolutions is July 13. 

Only ISMA members may submit resolutions. To minimize the need for amendments and maximize your resolution’s chance of success, please adhere to the following resolution-writing guidelines.

  • Determine an action or position on an issue that you would like ISMA to take. Then, as succinctly as possible, state the action or position and the reasons.
  • Research current policy on your issue. If your resolution asks ISMA to do something, check the ISMA Public Policy Manual to see whether or how the issue has already been addressed. If your resolution asks the AMA to take action, check the AMA Policy Finder.
  • Write a short title for your resolution.
  • Include your name or the names of ISMA members introducing the resolution.
  • Write one or more “Whereas” statements that succinctly explain the issue and each reason ISMA should take action. Each “Whereas” statement should: 
  • o Make only one point.
    o In combination with any other "Whereas" statements, provide all the facts and context relevant to an issue addressed by the resolution, with no need for additional background or supplemental material.
  • Conclude with one or more “Resolved” statements. Each “Resolved” statement is considered separately by the House of Delegates and, if adopted, becomes ISMA policy. Each “Resolved” statement should:
    o State a clear, specific action plan for what you want ISMA to do. 
    o Stand on its own; it must include all information necessary for someone with no prior knowledge of the issue to understand it without having to refer to the “Whereas” statements.
Example: Resolved, that ISMA seek legislation that would allow schools to stock unassigned auto-injectable epinephrine for use in cases of life-threatening allergic reactions before, during and after school.

Need additional help? Call the ISMA staff at (800) 257-4762 or (317) 261-2060.

2019 Resolution ACTIONS are available here.

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