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A Message An important message from your colleagues in ISMA leadership. . .

The Indiana State Medical Association defends the medical profession every day — on your behalf — whether through legislative advocacy, interventions with federal and state agencies, or negotiations with commercial payers and other entities attempting to negatively influence health care.

We are your physicians…your colleagues…your friends. Our ranks include well-established physicians and others new to the healing arts. We originate from Indiana and from places all over the globe. We are men and women who know that together we can continue battling to maintain the autonomy we believe is critical to the care of our patients.

Alone, we will lose our independence rather than gain it back from those who seek to take it away. Divided we will fail to maintain our scope of practice, surrendering it to those less qualified to care for our patients. Ours is — and always will be — a never ending struggle that easily can be lost if we do not remain vigilant. Advantage can be gained, but only through our collective strength and determination to meet each new challenge.

We are you and you are the ISMA. Thank you for your support of organized medicine.


Legislation passed by the Indiana General Assembly and the U.S. Congress directly affects how you practice medicine. With your membership, ISMA physician leaders and staff professionals represent you 365 days a year and send you legislative updates weekly during the Indiana legislative session.

You can join the fight for better laws and policies impacting your medical practice by becoming part of the Key Contact program. You'll work at the grass-roots level to shape effective health care legislation and educate lawmakers about its importance. Call the ISMA for more information.

Addressing issues of concern to you and your patients, Key Contact physicians and the ISMA affect change on such issues as:

  • Legislation in Indiana and the nation
  • Medical policy
  • Medical liability
  • Continuing medical education
  • Graduate medical education
  • Physician impairment
  • Managed care
  • Children's health
  • Tobacco use
  • Family and community violence
  • School sports and health education
Atlantic Health PartnersAtlantic Health Partners

Atlantic Health Partners works directly with Sanofi Pasteur and Merck to obtain the most favorable pricing and purchasing terms for a wide variety of pediatric, adolescent, adult, flu and travel vaccines. Members of the Atlantic program make purchases directly from Sanofi and Merck (as you may do now) but typically receive lower prices. Atlantic also offers savings on medical supplies and injectibles, and there is NO COST to join! To learn more, visit here.

Claims and Reimbursement AssistanceClaims and Reimbursement Assistance

Resolve billing and reimbursement problems involving Medicare, Medicaid and commercial carriers with help from ISMA practice advisors who are available to you daily. Or you may attend regular meetings with the carriers. Bimonthly updates are published for members following each meeting with Medicare, Medicaid and their contractors.

Also, the ISMA regularly provides members news about changes and solutions to issues with the large commercial plans. Physician members and their staffs bring questions to these meetings, which are open to all ISMA members and practice employees.

For claims assistance contact Jeri Biedenkopf at (317) 261-2060 or (800) 257-4762.

Coding AssistanceCoding Assistance

For better or worse, codes determine your reimbursement. Correct coding also keeps the auditors away. The ISMA Coding Hotline is available to members for clarification of CPT, ICD and HCPCS coding issues by calling (800) 257-4762 or (317) 261-2060.

Complaint Form Regarding Health Plans Complaint Form for HIPAA and Health Plans

The ISMA and the American Medical Association (AMA) offer a tool to help you with the frustrating day-to-day administrative hassles of managed care. The AMA Health Plan Complaint Form can be used to detail the types and severity of the problems you face. The AMA and the ISMA use the information to identify trends, facilitate discussions with national health insurers and coordinate organized medicine's legislative and regulatory agendas.

You can use the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) Complaint Form to inform the AMA about health plans and other payers out of compliance with the HIPAA electronic transaction and code set standards.

Membership in the AMA is not required.

If you are a patient with a HIPAA complaint go here.

Physicians find the complaint form here.

Directory of Physician MembersDirectory of Physician Members

The ISMA membership directory is now available online and contains information on the nearly 8,000 physician members of our organization. The data are consistently updated and available for physician referrals or for patients seeking a new doctor. The Physician Directory can show a physician's: geographic location, education, contact information, specialty area, hospital affiliation, languages spoken, Medicare/Medicaid acceptance. Our online directory benefits members as an outstanding referral source.

Physician Directory search page


A free benefit from the ISMA. This easy-to-use mobile application will help you improve care coordination and increase referrals. DocbookMD is a HIPAA-compliant messaging app for your smartphone, tablet or iPad device that lets you securely communicate with physician colleagues.

DocbookMD will even let you share patient information including photos, X-rays or EKG tracings.

Information page

EducationEducation (discounted member benefit)

Change is constant and professional development never ends. Sharpen your business acumen and help your staff stay abreast of changes by participating in ISMA seminars and workshops. Some seminars will offer online real-time meeting participation. Education is available for you through two venues:

  1. You can attend on-site professional development seminars and workshops conducted for you, your manager and your staff at discounted registration fees. The range of topics includes business and legal issues, coding, Medicare, Medicaid and office management.

    See the schedule on the ISMA Education page.

  2. If you prefer educational opportunities near your home, customized CME and non-CME programs through your county medical society, hospital, group or other entity can be created upon request.
Field ServicesField Services
tom dixon
Northern Rep
Tom Dixon
317-261-2060 ext. 7741
susan armstrong
Central/Southern Rep
Tom Lux

317-261-2060 ext. 7740

The ISMA field staff assigned to northern and southern Indiana serves your interests and acts as liaison between the ISMA and its members. The field staff representatives provide legislative updates and other key information through county medical society meetings, hospital staff meetings and personal contact with the physician community. They strive to increase the number of physicians joining and retaining membership, and enhance participation at all levels of the association. Please contact your ISMA field representative at (800) 257-4762 to refer a colleague who is not a member.

In-Office Education ServicesIn-Office Education Services

The ISMA In-Office Education Services can give you peace of mind. After spending time with our staff, you'll know you are complying with governmental guidelines and receiving proper reimbursement. Plus, you'll enjoy improved cash flow and increased patient satisfaction.

These educational activities include compliance training, office administration enhancement, HIPAA compliance review, Medicare/Medicaid claims regulation review, and superbill or encounter form set-up and review.

Insurance Insurance

Choose from a multitude of medical insurance plans with flexible benefit designs for you, your family and staff. Let knowledgeable ISMA support staff act as your advocate with the insurer to help you get the most from any plan. Protect yourself, your family and your future with life and disability insurance. More information on these products is available at www.ismaia.com.

Legal Information and ResourcesLegal Information and Resources

Obtain legal assistance and referral services from ISMA's in-house legal staff. Also, the ISMA Legal Department can help you make sense of the documents you must sign by reviewing provider agreements, managed care contracts, employment contracts and more. A multitude of documents summarizing legal information is also available in the Legal Resources section on the ISMA Web site.

Office Supply Program- OfficeDepot®Office Depot and Tech Depot Program

The ISMA has teamed up with national retail chain Office Depot® to offer ISMA members special discounts on office supplies. You can also take advantage of TechDepot's special account manager to determine physician technology needs in both large and small offices – plus discounts on computer equipment, software and supplies.

Patient Education MaterialsPatient Education Materials

Educate your patients using ISMA educational resources on such topics as domestic violence, patient satisfaction, obesity and flu shots. Find the handouts here.

Physician Assistance ProgramPhysician Assistance Program

The ISMA Physician Assistance Program (ISMA PAP) addresses the needs of physicians impaired by chemical dependence, psychiatric disorders and physical disability, as well as the disruptive physician. Title 844 of the Indiana Administrative Code allows substance abusing and/or psychiatrically impaired physicians to obtain help confidentially, provided they follow the guidelines. For more information, contact the ISMA or visit the physician assistance page.

Physician Practice OpportunitiesPhysician Practice Opportunities

Find new practice opportunities through the ISMA's classifieds.


Stay on top of health care news that impacts you and your practice with ISMA Reports , a biweekly newsletter in print and e-Reports , its e-mail version.

Learn how the ISMA protects your interests with Legislative News updates published weekly during the Indiana General Assembly.

Ensure that your concerns with Medicare and Medicaid are reviewed and resolved when you present them to the carriers at Medicare/Medicaid Coalition meetings. Results are reported to all ISMA members through the bimonthly Medicare/Medicaid Coalition Report.

Stay informed on issues and resolutions to problems involving member practices and commercial health plans through the annual Commercial Payer Report.


Commercial Payer MeetingsCommercial Payer Meetings

An annual session held each June allows you and your staff to meet with commercial payers. The meetings help resolve problems, explain complex regulations and provide answers to your questions.

If you are interested in attending or submitting a question, contact the ISMA at (317) 261-2060 or (800) 257-4762 . Annual reports are published as a free service to members.

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Indiana Medical Political Action Committee (IMPAC)Indiana Medical Political Action Committee (IMPAC)

IMPAC is the ISMA's nonpartisan political action committee. IMPAC participants are either physician members of the ISMA, spouses of physicians or medical residents. Membership dues are $250 (physician only), $500 (physician and spouse), $365 (Dollar-A-Day Program), $500 (Five-Star) and $20 (resident).

Commission on Medical EducationCommission on Medical Education

The Commission on Medical Education consists of physicians who survey and accredit organizations to offer continuing medical education. This commission is the only continuing medical education accrediting body in the state and has been in existence for more than 30 years. Anyone interested in becoming an accredited organization should contact the ISMA at (317) 261-2060 or (800) 257-4762 or visit the CME providers page.

Physician Recognition Award (PRA)Physician Recognition Award (PRA)

The ISMA recognizes ISMA members who have received the AMA Physician Recognition Award. In 1968, the AMA established the PRA certificate and the related AMA PRA credit system to recognize physicians who, by participating in CME activities, demonstrate their commitment to staying current with advances in medicine.

Medical Student Society (MSS)Medical Student Society (MSS)

The Medical Student Society was established in 1985. Members are dedicated to promoting organized medicine and helping each other through the challenges of medical school. All medical students in Indiana are automatically ISMA members and exempt from all dues.

MSS supports:

  • Legislative awareness among medical students
  • Campaigns against domestic violence
  • Public education about the dangers of tobacco use and alcohol abuse
  • Involvement in issues related to graduate medical education
  • Student loan deferment protection
Resident & Fellow Society (RFS)Resident & Fellow Society (RFS)

The Resident and Fellow Society was established in 1984. As physicians in training, RFS members are aware that the health care system is dynamic in nature and that its members must help protect their future in the healing arts for the good of patients

RFS supports:

  • Legislative awareness among resident and fellow physicians
  • Active involvement in resident physician contract and workforce issues
  • Protection of graduate medical education as the influence of managed care increases and legislative changes threaten funding
  • High ethical, educational and practice standards in residency training
Young Physician Society (YPS)Young Physician Society (YPS)

The Young Physician Society was established in 1995. The YPS is eager to promote the entrepreneurial spirit of physicians and seeks to protect their ability to provide the best care possible to patients

YPS supports:

  • Participation in legislative activities
  • Entrepreneurship among young physicians regardless of specialty
  • Grass-roots legislative advocacy in cooperation with county medical societies
  • Distribution or provision of practice management and legal advice to young physicians
Committee on Family ViolenceCommittee on Family Violence

The ISMA's Committee on Family Violence distributes a guide outlining an eight-step process to assist physicians in helping patients who may have suffered domestic violence. In addition, the committee developed regional, business-sized resource cards to discretely provide victims telephone numbers of shelters and support groups, and outline a safety plan. Find support materials here.

Specialty SocietiesSpecialty Societies

The ISMA provides administrative support and meeting management services for the specialty societies of dermatology, internal medicine, pediatrics, radiology, neurology and surgery, as well as for the Association of Indiana Directors of Medical Education and the Indiana State Medical Association Alliance.

HIPAA and Health Records

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Billing Information for MedicareClaim Filing Guidelines
Medicaid and Managed Care InformationMedicaid and Managed Care Information
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