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Find useful information for patients through our Healthy Habits pamphlet, Healthful Hints handouts and other patient resources.

Healthy Habits

Developing healthy habits is an important way to improve and/or maintain your health.

Three doctors from Community Medical Associates, Jeffersonville, Ind., developed a pamphlet outlining nine health factors to consider when developing your healthy habits.

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Indiana Health Resources

State Health Insurance Assistance Program (SHIP)
Indiana Prescription Assistance Information

Patient Satisfaction Survey

This 13-question survey allows you to evaluate what your patients think about a visit to your office.

$20 for 100 surveys

E-mail rbennett@ismanet.org or
Fax to Rhonda Bennent at (317) 261-2076

Domestic Violence Resources

Just Ask
Are you asking the question to screen patients for domestic violence? To assist in this effort, ISMA’s Family Violence Committee put together, Just Ask, a brochure that provides eight steps to screen and assist victims, and an assessment questionnaire.

Domestic Violence Information Guide
The Domestic Violence Info Guide is a free brochure created for both physicians and patients. The guide discusses the topics listed below.

  • The different kinds of abuse
  • How to create a safety plan
  • How to obtain a protective order
  • What to expect in court

The guide also provides a statewide list of shelters and non-residential support groups. This resource is free to download.

Domestic Violence Power/Control Wheel
The power/control wheel shows the different tactics an abuser may use to exert control over another person.

Domestic Violence Resource Cards
The Domestic Violence Resource cards are a small, easily concealable resource for patients who may be victims of abuse. They provide phone numbers to local shelters and non-residential programs. A safety plan is on the back.

Resource cards - $7.70 per 100 (Free to Members)
North - South - Central
Cardholders - $8.50 each
Refill orders on cards are free to members.
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Domestic Violence Screening Forms:

This form provides a check-off list and a body diagram to help you record injuries. Download the form

Other Domestic Violence Resources:

ISMA e-Reports articles

Contact Rhonda Bennett to make orders
: Rhonda Bennett
Phone: (317) 261-2060
: (317) 261-2076




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