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Achieve a more healthful diet by taking the following steps:

Eat less animal fat. That means eggs, meat and dairy products. Consider meats with low fat content like chicken, turkey and fish. Try not to fry foods because this adds to the fat in the meat. Baked or broiled meat is better than fried. Drink low-fat milk and dairy products. Especially after menopause, women should maintain an adequate intake of calcium by drinking a quart of low-fat milk each day or by taking up to 1,200 milligrams a day of a calcium with vitamin D supplement.

Consider using oils with fat from vegetables, which is more easily used by the body and less likely to cause arteriosclerosis.

Avoid excessive intake of sugar. Labels on produces allow you to assess your sugar intake.

Limit intake of salt. This means not only taking it easy on the salt shaker, but also checking nutritional information on snack or processed food labels.

Maintain a generous intake of high roughage foods. Those include raw vegetables and fruits, whole grain products, bran, etc.

Avoid a high intake of caffeine. Limit your consumption to no more than five caffeine-containing beverages a day to avoid the risk of arteriosclerosis and intestinal cancer.

Taking a multivitamin with minerals once a day would benefit most adults.

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