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Medicare & Medicaid Coalition
The Medicare & Medicaid Coalition meeting format has changed:

ISMA's Medicare/Medicaid Coalition to meet annually
Starting in 2015, the ISMA Medicare/Medicaid Coalition moved to an annual meeting format, instead of every other month. The meeting now occurs during the ISMA Coding Symposium held each spring.

“We are tasked with ensuring our services and resources are directed specifically to our physician members,” said Jeri Biedenkopf, R.N., practice management and Medicare specialist. “Moving this meeting from bi-monthly to one annual live meeting will provide our members an opportunity to learn the accomplishments of Medicare and Medicaid and to also understand the goals and priorities moving forward.”

The ISMA's contacts with Medicare and Medicaid pledge to ensure communication and continue informing the ISMA of changes or updates between spring meetings. Members and their practice staff should read ISMA Reports and check our website for news and important information.

"The ISMA extends thanks to our regular coalition attendees and also to WPS and Indiana Medicaid staff for their continued support to keep Indiana physicians informed,” Biedenkopf said.

If you have questions about the new Medicare format, email Jeri Biedenkopf, R.N., or call (800) 257-4762 or (317) 261-2060.

If you require access to old Medicare/Medicaid reports, please contact Nick Peetz.

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Earlier issues of the Medicare & Medicaid Coalition Report can be obtained by contacting Web Editor, Dan Springer, or the Communications department.

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