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Special thanks to the Physicians Medicaid Task Force members for their participation in developing the OneSource tool:

J. Scott Pittman, MD - Chair Kevin R. Burke, MD J. Scott Pittman, MD
Deepak G. Azad, MD, M.P.H. William Cassel, MD John R. Poncher, MD
Arden D. Barnett, MD Bernard J. Emkes, MD Michael C. Sha, MD
David J. Black, MD Vidya S. Kora, MD Jeb S. Teichman, MD
Matthew D. Bruns, MD C. Joe Ottinger, MD Thomas S. Whiteman, MD, FACS
Tami Hoffman,
Tri-State Medical Group, LLC
Morgan Hause,
Urology of Indiana, LLC
Shelly Symmes


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