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Online resource can help you claim damages from UnitedHealth
e-Reports, May 3, 2010
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The AMA has launched a new website to help you file claims against UnitedHealth Group, following a class-action settlement. More than $350 million is available to help compensate physicians and patients because the insurer was found to have underpaid physicians for out-of-network medical services more than 15 years.

“The AMA is offering its support to physicians who are now receiving mailings containing details and claim forms regarding the historic UnitedHealth settlement,” said AMA President J. James Rohack, M.D.

“The new AMA guide provides physicians with step-by-step assistance in determining eligibility, assembling documentation and filing a claim under the terms of the settlement.”

UnitedHealth Group’s improper business practices were brought to the attention of New York Attorney General Andrew Cuomo, who confirmed the abuses in his own investigation.

Under legal pressure, the company and several major insurers agreed to reforms that promised to help keep the system for determining out-of-network reimbursements free from further corporate manipulation.

The deadline to file a claim and share in the fund is Oct. 5, 2010. Find complete information about the settlement and how to file out-of-network claims on the AMA web site.

United Healthcare struggles to improve its image

For the fourth year in a row, United Healthcare ranks as the worst payer to work with.

The Annual National Payer Survey interviewed more than 200 hospital executives who expressed frustration with poor customer service, lack of honesty and candor, and inefficient claims process and payment from payers.

Here is how major payers ranked with respondents when asked about image and reputation:

  • United Healthcare: 65 percent selected unfavorable
  • Coventry: 34 percent selected unfavorable
  • WellPoint/Anthem: 31 percent selected unfavorable
  • Humana: 29 percent selected unfavorable
  • Cigna: 28 percent selected unfavorable
  • Aetna: 27 percent selected unfavorable
  • Independent BCBS: 25 percent selected unfavorable

Find the report here.

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