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New tool offers help in negotiating unfair managed care contracts
e-Reports, April 5, 2010
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The ISMA has partnered with the AMA to develop a resource that will help you negotiate contracts with health insurers.

Free to AMA members, the National Managed Care Contract (NMCC) and database tool contain a number of resources.

In addition, the NMCC complies with the legal requirements of all 50 states and the District of Columbia.

ISMA Legal Counsel Julie Reed, reviewed the document to ensure it contained the correct information regarding Indiana statutes that regulate:

  • The managed care contracting process
  • The managed care contract itself
  • The business relationship that arises between the physician and managed care organization after the physician and managed care organization have signed the managed care agreement

“This is an incredibly comprehensive resource,” noted Reed. “It includes every key provision a managed care contract would include. It’s a great tool for our members.”

The searchable database associated with the NMCC provides physicians a valuable frame of reference to compare and evaluate any prospective managed care contract. It can be used to:

  • Provide alternative language to support contract negotiations with managed care organizations
  • Ensure managed care contracts and managed care organizations comply with applicable state legal requirements
  • Clarify key contract issues and manage ongoing relationships with managed care organizations

Find the tool here.

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