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One year later: case still not closed
e-Reports, July 26, 2010
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Last year, ISMA Reports told you about the experience of Robert Tarver, M.D., a radiologist at Wishard Hospital in Indianapolis who had his name, Medicare identification and Social Security numbers stolen. Someone falsely billed Medicare under his name – more than $700,000 in fraudulent charges.

“My case is still open, although I just got a letter from Medicare’s investigative contractor telling me I have done nothing wrong,” said Dr. Tarver, who first learned of the fraud action in June 2008.

He noted, “The FBI is keeping the case open.” Therefore, the agency is not willing to send documentation to exonerate him.

Dr. Tarver said he believes the Medicare program is not taking sufficient steps to prevent this from happening to someone else. In fact, the ISMA has learned that Dr. Tarver is not the only Indiana physician who has apparently fallen victim to this type of fraud scheme.

To protect yourself, you can regularly check the information National Government Services sends and has on file for you, regularly review your personal credit report and consider a freeze on your credit file to prevent access to it.

Learn more about credit freezes on the consumers union website.

Read more about Dr. Tarver’s experience on the ISMA website.

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