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Interested in the EHR incentive? Make sure you’re in PECOS
e-Reports, June 28, 2010
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The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) announced officials will use Provider Enrollment, Chain and Ownership System (PECOS) records to verify Medicare enrollment before making Medicare EHR incentive payments under the Recovery Act of 2009.

These EHR programs under Medicare and Medicaid will provide incentive payments for the “meaningful use” of certified EHR technology to eligible professionals who demonstrate adoption, implementation, upgrading or meaningful use.

“While we wait for more detail on the EHR incentives, you can take a first step to qualifying by confirming your enrollment information in PECOS,” said Jeri Biedenkopf, R.N., ISMA practice advisor. “Act now if you are not enrolled in this Internet-based system.”

CMS provided these details.

If you enrolled before November 2003 AND have not updated your Medicare enrollment information since then, you do NOT have an enrollment record in PECOS. Act now to establish one.

Visit the CMS website.

Go to “Downloads;” click “Tips to Facilitate the Medicare Enrollment Process.”

If you enrolled in Medicare after November 2003, or enrolled before November 2003 and have updated your enrollment information since November 2003, it’s likely no further action is required.

However, Biedenkopf cautions, “To be safe, take a few minutes to verify your enrollment and ensure all the information about you is correct. This process is too important to leave to chance.”

If you submitted an enrollment application within the last 90 days and your enrollment application has been accepted for processing by the carrier or A/B MAC, you need not take any additional actions.

If you are unsure –

  1. Check the Ordering Referring Report here. If you’re on that report, you have a current PECOS enrollment.
  2. Use PECOS to look for your PECOS enrollment record. (First, set up your access to PECOS.) Click on “Internet-based PECOS” on the left for details. If no record is displayed for you, PECOS does not have you listed as an enrollee.
  3. Contact your designated Medicare enrollment contractor and ask if you have an enrollment record. Go to the CMS website; see “Downloads” and click on “Medicare Fee-For-Service Contact Information.”

If you reassign all your Medicare benefits to a group/clinic, that group/clinic must have an enrollment record in PECOS in order for you to enroll. Check with the officials of the group/clinic or with your designated Medicare enrollment contractor if you are not sure if your group/clinic is in PECOS.

If the group/clinic does not have a PECOS enrollment record, you will not be able to use PECOS to submit your enrollment application to Medicare. You must submit a paper enrollment (CMS-855).

Find information on how to establish a PECOS record here.

Find details on EHR incentive programs on the CMS website.

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