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Physicians Foundation releases study on the future of the ACA intended to further your understanding
e-Reports, Aug. 25, 2014
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Preliminary figures suggest that the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, or just ACA, has helped about 9.5 million individuals secure health insurance coverage, but not without challenges and problems. Technological issues, threats to repeal the law, regulatory hurdles and confusion abound on all sides.

Physicians are confused too and are faced with much uncertainty as next year approaches. For you and physicians nationwide, the ACA rules come on top of the changes associated with electronic health records, new payment models, and demands for data and quality reporting.

However, if you’re seeking to further understand the ACA and how it will continue to impact you, a new comprehensive report from The Physicians Foundation titled, “The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act Beyond the Horizon into 2015,” will help. It examines the ACA’s political and budget dynamics, initial successes and failures, and its most serious challenges moving forward.

Specifically, the report provides updates on the Medicare physician fee schedule, emerging physician-insurer network and contracting issues, as well as new Medicare legislation. The Physicians Foundation, a non-profit entity, examines both the opportunities and challenges of the ACA going forward and how these issues are of particular importance to practicing physicians.

Find The Physicians Foundation’s second installment in a series of reports on ACA coverage expansion on their website.

Read The Physicians Foundation’s first paper, “Roadmap for Physicians to Health Care Reform,” here.

ACA effects by 2024
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