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You pay your ISMA dues; you can also direct how your dues are spent
e-Reports, July 28, 2014
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Each year, convention sets the action agenda for your statewide organization Untitled document
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If you’ve paid ISMA dues for many years but don’t help determine – or even know – how those dues are spent, maybe this is the year to find out. Resolutions from members that are adopted annually during convention form the ISMA’s action plan for the coming year, a plan that uses the organization’s resources, both time and money (your dues dollars).

Resolutions submitted by members this year pertain to issues such as:

  • Improving trauma care
  • Adolescent hearing loss
  • Marijuana legalization
  • Increases in the tobacco tax
  • ISMA dues exemption and waiver

Do you find some of these to be very important – or not at all important topics for the ISMA to be discussing? Then, you can share your opinion and direct your delegates about whether to adopt or defeat the resolution. A first step should be careful reading of the 43 resolutions submitted for the 2014 convention; find them online here (login required).

Available here Available here
Member login required

Then, consider attending convention to share your viewpoint and help debate the issues. It’s a great way to help protect your patients and your community, as well as direct the future of your profession. There’s no charge to attend convention, but you must register on the ISMA website.

If you cannot attend in September, consider sharing your opinions with the reference committees hearing the resolutions on the online message board. To easily do so, visit the message board here (login required). There you can read what your colleagues have written about various resolutions and leave your own message to be shared with the reference committees that will make recommendations on each resolution.

If you are a delegate this year, make certain you registered. Note that during the Friday House session this year, the House will vote for a new president-elect to take the oath of office during the next day’s Presidents’ Night festivities. Plan to attend on Friday to take part in the voting.

As convention nears, non-delegate members can visit the ISMA Convention area, to see names of delegate(s) from their counties. Members can then contact delegate(s) to make sure they will fulfill their responsibility by attending the House sessions.

Advise the delegates about how you would like them to vote on the 43 resolutions.

That’s not all
Yet, the convention is not all about resolutions and agenda-setting. If you’ve never attended, you may not know about the collegiality, the networking, the leadership experience, the educational opportunities, the intellectual debates – and the fun and laughter.

The Women in Medicine meeting offers female physician members the chance to greet familiar colleagues and meet new ones. Women ISMA members can build a support system of professional friends who can be a phone call or email away throughout their careers in health care.

Presidents’ Night offers a double dose of entertainment this year, as guests will hear the humor of Dave Dugan, a regular for years on the “Bob & Tom Show,” and then listen as disc jockey Krista Lee shares her tunes, as well as her personality.

Throughout convention, the IMPAC Lounge welcomes physician contributors and those simply seeking information about the political action committee that serves our members and all of medicine in Indiana.

Register today, participate in September and understand how your dues dollars will go to work for you and your patients next year.

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