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Here are some important outcomes from the recent AMA meeting for all physicians to note
e-Reports, June 30, 2014
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At its annual meeting, the AMA House of Delegates adopted Substitute Resolution 231. It directs the AMA to advocate strongly for President Obama to take immediate action to provide eligible veterans timely access to health care, using the health care sector outside the Veterans Administration (VA) health system. That is, until the VA can provide care in a timely fashion. Read a letter sent to President Obama.

Substitute Resolution 231 recommends state and local medical societies create registries of physicians able to see veterans experiencing delayed access to care in the VA system. The ISMA is compiling a registry to make physicians available to veterans in Indiana communities, in addition to local VA facilities.

If you are willing to see veteran patients, please register on the ISMA website.

Also, see a side-by-side comparison of bills that passed the House and Senate to deal with the fact that more than 57,000 veterans still await their first medical appointment at a VA facility.

Sarah Sanders   Dr. Knote
Sarah Sanders, a past president of the ISMA Alliance formerly from Fort Wayne, took the oath to become president of the AMA Alliance.   Lafayette’s John Knote, M.D., was elected to serve as alternate delegate to the AMA Senior Physicians Section.
See more photos on the Alliance Facebook page.

Other key actions
Delegates also voted to continue investigating maintenance of certification (MOC), osteopathic continuous certification (OCC) and maintenance of licensure (MOL), to include assessing the impact of MOC on physician practices.

A set of principles adopted by the AMA delegates is intended to ensure appropriate coverage of and payment for telemedicine services. The principles will support future innovation in the use of telemedicine, while ensuring patient safety, quality of care and privacy of patient information.

A related discussion resulted in new policies pertaining to health information technology including:

  • Requiring all pharmacies, even those run by the government, to accept e-prescriptions
  • Addressing “data lock-in,” whereby information stored in one electronic health record (EHR) system cannot be easily transferred to another
  • Promoting improvements in EHR usability

The AMA House also voted to oppose the sale and marketing of electronic cigarettes and nicotine-delivery products to minors. This new policy extends policy adopted in 2010 that calls for all e-cigarettes to be subject to the same regulations and federal oversight that applies to tobacco and nicotine products.

ISMA resolutions acted upon

Three resolutions adopted by the 2013 ISMA House of Delegates and subsequently presented at the AMA House were referred to the AMA Board of Trustees. Those three resolutions were:

ISMA Resolution 13-32
(AMA Resolution 507) – Over-the-Counter Insulin

ISMA Resolution 13-31
(AMA Resolution 601) – A Virtual Medical Association

ISMA Resolution 13-09
(AMA Resolution 401) – Public Health: Heading in Soccer

Mellinger Cox
Stephen Tharp, M.D.
Alred Cox, M.D.
South Bend
Hoover Mohr
Michael Hoover, M.D.
William Mohr, M.D.


Burke Kora Kora
Vidya Kora, M.D.
Michigan City
Brent Mohr, M.D.
South Bend
Kevin Burke, M.D.
Burke Kora
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Thomas Vidic, M.D.
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