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Here’s what Indiana physicians contribute to our state’s economy
e-Reports, April 21, 2014
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Report with 2012 data shows your impact goes far beyond patient care Untitled document

Physicians, like you, produce a positive and lasting influence on the health of patients – as well as communities all across Indiana.

A report from IMS Health, commissioned by the AMA, provides key national data with a breakdown by state. It shows Indiana physicians – and those across the country – critically support the health of their local and state economies through jobs creation, with related wages and benefits, purchases of goods and services, and large-scale support through state and local tax revenues.

“The study results clearly indicate that having an environment that attracts new physicians and retains existing ones to meet Hoosiers’ demands for health care also increases the number of good jobs in our state and improves the local economies,” said ISMA President Deepak Azad, M.D., M.P.H.

ISMA Director of Government Relations Mike Rinebold added, “With these types of numbers, it is crucial that Indiana retains its Medical Malpractice Act, currently under attack. A stable practice environment will ensure physicians remain here and seek Indiana as a place to work.”

Because of today’s changes in health care, the AMA undertook the study to provide lawmakers, regulators and policymakers with reliable information about the economic impact of physicians in our state and the nation. The study found that physicians had a greater national economic impact than industries like higher education, home health care, legal services, and nursing and residential care.

Within the 50 states and the District of Columbia, 720,421 physicians deliver patient care. And 13,298 of those physicians practice in Indiana. Study findings for our state in 2012 revealed:

Total Output – Hoosier physicians created $18.2 billion in direct and indirect economic output (i.e., sales revenues); on average, each physician supported $1,368,730 in output.

Jobs – Physicians supported 132,657 jobs, including their own, the total of direct and indirect positions. On average, each physician supported 9.98 jobs.

Wages and benefits – Physicians contributed $10,564.8 million in direct and indirect wages and benefits for all supported jobs. On average, each physician provided $794,467 in total wages and benefits.

Tax revenue – Physicians supported $730.6 million in local and state tax revenues. On average, each physician provided $54,942 in local and state tax revenues.

Find the Indiana-specific report here.

Read the complete study at this page.

 Physician Impact
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Three primary sources were employed for this study:
  • The AMA Masterfile, with data on AMA member and nonmember physicians, as well as foreign medical school graduates in the U.S. who meet educational standards
  • The Medical Group Management Association 2012 Cost Survey, offering national data on physician practices
  • The IMPLAN (Impact analysis for PLANning) modeling system developed by the Minnesota Implan Group with data from sources like the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics and the Census Bureau.
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