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Have a new PDR? Are you receiving online medical alerts?
e-Reports, January 11, 2010
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The 2010 Physicians’ Desk Reference (PDR) has been shipped to physicians nationwide. If you’ve received one, you may notice several changes designed to improve physician access to current information.

The PDR is now integrated with the Health Care Notification Network (HCNN), a nationwide service that provides free electronic delivery of important FDA-required drug alerts to physicians. The primary goal of the HCNN is to minimize information errors by ensuring prescribers have access to the right information at the point of prescribing. If you’re not yet enrolled with the HCNN, put it on your to-do list today.

Inside the front cover of the PDR you’ll find a letter from the FDA announcing a new Safe Use initiative. Expect PDR updates every other month with updated product information, including recalls and Box Warnings. Full product information also will be hosted on the PDR Web site.

Access to updated full product labels as well as bimonthly updates with links to PDR.net are available with the 2010 PDR. Information in these labels is the standard against which physicians are held in professional liability actions – and the PDR is routinely and uniquely cited as the source of this label information.

To ensure that you continue to receive your annual PDR and specialty-specific drug safety alerts from the HCNN, please confirm/update your current contact information on the verification form that accompanies your 2010 PDR, or online. Please be sure to note your ISMA affiliation on the PDR form. 

If you have not yet received your 2010 PDR or to sign up for the HCNN service, please contact the PDR Network at 1-800-232-7379 or e-mail them.

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