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The ISMA has your copy of new Brain Death Guidelines
ISMA e-Reports, March 22, 2010
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Chances are you don’t often make a brain death determination. But the ISMA wants you and your Indiana colleagues to have specific guidelines to serve as a common reference point when those situations arise. (See insert.)

Resulting from a resolution at the 2009 House of Delegates, the guidelines are modeled on those first established by the American Academy of Neurology.

Neurosurgeon Emil Weber, M.D., had grown increasingly concerned that physicians, nurses and hospitals in Indiana do not share a common understanding of brain death. He turned to knowledgeable colleagues and formed a team of six physician specialists. They collected the most authoritative information to develop the guidelines.

Then Dr. Weber introduced a resolution during last year’s ISMA convention, asking the House to adopt and help disseminate the guidelines. The House agreed.

Pediatric guidelines will follow later this year.

Find the guidelines here.

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