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2012 Resolution Actions
e-Reports Oct. 9, 2012
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For a list of the 2012 Resolution Actions, visit the ISMA website or look for the insert in your printed Oct. 9, ISMA Reports.

A note of gratitude to all who served on reference committees
The ISMA extends sincere appreciation to those who served on reference committees during convention. Your deliberations on the issues provided valuable input to the House of Delegates. Your time commitment demonstrated concern and dedication to Indiana patients.

Thank you for a job well done!

Reference Committee 1

Marc Duerden, M.D., District 7

Tamera Vandegriff, M.D., District 9

Cindy Basinski, M.D., District 1

Doris Hardacker, M.D., District 7

Vipul Brahmbhatt, M.D., District 3

Donald Berman, M.D., District 6 (alternate)

Reference Committee 2

Ruston Stoltz, M.D., District 1

Ann Marie Hake, M.D., District 7

Lyndsay Oancea, MSS

Alexander Choi, M.D., District 9

Tom Felger, M.D., District 13

Susan Maisel, M.D., District 

Reference Committee 3

Christopher Bojrab, M.D., District 7

Stacie Wenk, D.O., District 1

Robert Lodge-Rigal, M.D., District 2

David Batt, M.D., District 7

Adam Huff, MSS

Reference Committee 4

Jeb Teichman, M.D., District 3

Steve Simpson, M.D., District 10

Scott Pittman, M.D., District 7

David Rau, M.D., District 4

Hari Vasu, MSS

Sharon Singleton, M.D., District 12

 Ref Cmt BW
Members of the four reference committees this year included (left to right): Tamera Vandegriff, M.D.; Ruston Stoltz, M.D.; Ann Marie Hake, M.D.; David Batt, M.D.; Jeb Teichman, M.D.; and David Rau, M.D.
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