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Internet use grows as a critical clinical practice tool
e-Reports, March 8, 2010
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Most physicians say the Internet makes their jobs easier, according to a study commissioned by Google. The survey found that 86 percent of doctors are going online to search for health, medical and prescription drug information. That percentage is up from 64 percent in 2004.

The study also found that 58 percent of physicians accessed the Internet more than once a day and 70 percent searched online an average of three minutes or less. Here is what they looked for online:

  • Specific drug information – 77%
  • General condition
  • information – 75%
  • Treatment side effects – 68%
  • Drug safety information – 66%
  • Information for patients 60%
  • New medications – 64%
  • Contraindications – 59%
  • Information to aid
  • diagnosis – 53 %
  • Medication development – 45%
  • Clinical trial information – 45%

More than 411 doctors were surveyed online between May 20 and June 8, 2009. Respondents included primary care physicians, endocrinologists, cardiologists and psychiatrists.

Find details about the complete survey here.

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