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Two BIG reasons you should take license renewal seriously
e-Reports, May 16, 2011
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The ISMA urges you to make completion of this year’s medical license renewal form a serious personal responsibility. Why? Here’re two reasons:

  1. If you do not act, your medical license will expire at midnight on June 30; renewing after that date will cost you an additional $50 for the license and $50 for each Controlled Substance Registration (CSR).
  2. A couple Indiana physicians learned at the last renewal that one or two inaccurate responses on the renewal form can cost a day of work and attorney fees. The physicians had to appear before the Medical Licensing Board and respond to questions about incorrect answers on their forms.

Don’t delegate this process to staff or, if you do, check the information carefully before adding your signature.

On May 1, the Indiana Professional Licensing Agency (PLA) began emailing notices for you to renew your medical license, medical residency permit and/or CSR online. Physicians with no email address will receive paper renewal forms.

Take time to complete the online license renewal survey. Results are important in the state’s planning processes for epidemics and disasters, as well as physician workforce projections.

Find information about the PLA, visit in.gov or call (317) 232-2980.

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