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Need an action plan for ICD-10-CM? The ISMA has one for you
e-Reports, May 2, 2011
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The changeover to ICD-10-CM is coming.

The deadline to begin using the new coding system is Oct. 1, 2013. On that date, failure to prepare will mean failure to get paid.

Maybe you don’t know where to start. Perhaps you’re trying to figure out what the first step should be. The ISMA has taken care of that for you. Our educational sessions have been ongoing throughout the state and you’re not too late. You can still take advantage of this opportunity – perhaps even in your home town.


Number of ICD-9-CM codes: 13,000

Number of ICD-10-CM codes: 68,000

“With less than three years before mandatory implementation, physician practices need to begin the transition now!” said B. J. Hohenstein RN, CCS, CCS-P, who conducts seminars for the ISMA. “Conversion to ICD-10-CM will be a major undertaking, but if you begin now it will be less overwhelming then waiting until the last minute.”

Check the dates and location of “ICD-10-CM: Getting Started” seminars listed below. Then make sure your coders are registered to participate.

“The learner will begin by writing an action plan for transition and understanding how to utilize the General Equivalency Mappings to translate an I-9 code to an I-10 code. The full-day program focuses on the comparison and contrasting differences between these two disease coding books,” Hohenstein explained.

One final thought: If you’re holding off because you expect a delay in the compliance date, you’ll likely be disappointed. ICD-9-CM is already 30 years old, and federal agencies are giving no indication they’re willing to wait any longer to implement the new system.

Learn more and register on the ISMA website or call the ISMA.

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