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INSPECT concerns prompt additional ISMA inquiry
e-Reports, April 4, 2011
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The ISMA has learned that the Indiana Scheduled Prescription Electronic Collections and Tracking (INSPECT) program, the state’s controlled substance monitoring system, continues to experience software problems. As a result, some pharmacy records are missing, including some dating as far back as Nov. 22, 2010.

In response to member concerns, the ISMA contacted INSPECT Director Josh Klatte who confirmed that there are gaps in some INSPECT reports. Klatte recognizes – and echoes – physicians’ frustrations and is hopeful the system’s historically high level of reliability will be restored soon.

“INSPECT staff have assured us they are working diligently to resolve the various problems as soon as possible,” explained ISMA General Counsel Julie Reed. Meanwhile, if you have questions about whether a patient’s INSPECT report is complete, you can contact the patient’s pharmacy(ies) directly.

The troubles stemmed from a necessary system upgrade. One problem has been that some smaller, independent pharmacies have had more difficulty complying with a new reporting format. Pharmacies have until April 1 to report correctly, which must be done every seven days. However, it is uncertain when all the problems will be resolved.

Read updates on the INSPECT website.

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