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Lobby Day, AMA conference bring students, physicians to Washington, D.C.
e-Reports, March 7, 2011
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Indiana medical students learn about advocacy firsthand
More than 200 medical students from across the country, including 11 from Indiana, participated in the AMA’s Lobby Day in Washington, D.C., Feb. 6-7. During the event, students learned about legislative issues that affect medicine and how to foster relationships with legislators through political involvement.

“Lobby Day was a wonderful experience. I learned more about health care policies in realistic terms,” commented Clara Park, a third-year Indianapolis student. “It helped me understand a reasonable way to approach the issues. By the end of the briefing session we felt very comfortable talking about the issues.”

The students met with staff members of Indiana congressmen and discussed issues that concerned them, such as increasing graduate medical education support, student loans and the Sustainable Growth Rate.

“The people we met with were very receptive to what we had to say,” noted Park. “The main focus of our talking points, however, regarded patient access to physicians and health care.”

Lobby Day Students pictured are (left to right, back row): Austin Gerber, South Bend; Hari Vasu, Lafayette; Ryan Crane, Indianapolis; Sandeep Gurram, Bloomington; Kristin Buzzitta, Indianapolis; Sara Till, Indianapolis and (front row left to right): Rishi Megha, Muncie; Jamie Johnson, Indianapolis; Sushma Tatineni, Bloomington; Clara Park, Indianapolis; and Dan Sonnenburg, Indianapolis.


ISMA leaders discuss your concerns with Indiana congressmen
ISMA leaders visited Indiana’s congressmen or their staff members while in Washington, D.C., for the annual AMA National Advocacy Conference, Feb. 9-10. They discussed the Sustainable Growth Rate, truth in advertising and the effects of national tort reform on Indiana’s current malpractice system.

“It’s very important physicians emphasize to elected officials the significance of how we provide medical care,” commented ISMA President-elect Tom Vidic, M.D. “The people we met with in Washington were sincere, and they are really working hard to understand all sides of the health care issue. It’s important that all physicians contact their congressmen.”

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