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e-Reports, Feb. 22, 2011
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Important message about your Medicare payments, January to May 2010
Adjustments to claims subject to retroactive payment changes in early 2010 are set to begin soon, according to the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS).

The announcement notes most adjustments will be made automatically. In some cases where the submitted bill was lower than the revised payment rate, you will need to request an adjustment.

This process was delayed until legislation to provide contractor funding was enacted; no deadline was set for completion due to the large volume of claims involved and CMS’s determination not to create a backlog of current claims.

Find more details about the process on the ISMA website.

New online program gives you faster access to Medicare information
National Government Services (NGS) has launched a new Web application that offers you access to a wide array of Medicare information, which can help increase your office productivity.

The application, called “Connex,” provides search capabilities making it easier for you to find information such as beneficiary eligibility and entitlement, and queries on claims status. It also allows you to order duplicate remittances without having to place phone calls to the NGS Provider Contact Center or the Interactive Voice Response system.

Centralized data housed within Connex ensures quick information retrieval and consistency. But if you encounter any problems, you can call Customer Care at (866) 276-8129.

There is no cost to use Connex but you do need Internet access and an e-mail address. Find the program here.

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