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Help direct the ISMA on CME offerings for 2011 convention
e-Reports, Jan. 24, 2011
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Required to earn CME? Ensure the choices you need and want; help the ISMA plan convention educational sessions Untitled document

The ISMA is an accredited provider of Continuing Medical Education (CME) with a goal of presenting educational opportunities that add value to your membership. To match member needs with CME sessions, your suggestions are essential.

Step up now and help the ISMA broaden and target CME programming for the 162nd annual convention Sept. 16 in Indianapolis. You are welcome to propose programs that may include clinical, non-clinical, public health or other topics of interest.

The ISMA CME efforts can deliver growth, stimulation, new and improved ways of running your practice – or teach you new clinical procedures. CME can suggest how to comply with and avoid pitfalls of rules and regulations – while helping you maintain accreditation.

To submit a program idea or offer to present a session, complete a CME planning tool and
e-mail it to the ISMA’s Jill Bruce.

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