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New entity will advocate for state’s physician-owned hospitals
Jan. 20, 2010 e-Reports
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A national organization, Physician Hospital Association of America (PHA) advocates for physician-owned hospitals on a national level. Now there’s a Indiana association created to advance that effort within our state’s borders. It’s called the Indiana Physician and Hospital Association, Inc. (IN PHA).

“With 15 physician-owned hospitals in Indiana, we felt it was necessary to form an association that would represent a single, united group where members could join, discuss topics affecting our facilities, and find ways in which we can improve the services we provide to families all across Indiana,” said Julie Fleck, the new organization’s vice president.

Efforts in Congress to pass health care reform that would threaten the existence of physician-owned hospitals nationally spurred creation of IN PHA. Draft leglislation contains language that bans new physician-owned hospitals and prevents existing facilities from expanding to meet any increasing demands for services.

Indiana’s physician-owned hospitals employ 2,610 physicians and more than 4,000 nurses and staff.

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