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Your opinions position the ISMA favorably in national benchmarking
e-Reports, December 6, 2010
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The ISMA asked your opinions and 236 of you responded with valuable information that will help the ISMA serve you better. Your answers in a national benchmarking survey last summer ranked the ISMA in the top four of participating state medical associations.

The online survey rated categories like communications, websites, educational programs and meetings, government relations, member suppo rt, reimbursement/practice management.

While the rankings compared favorably nationally, member perceptions differed concerning support from the ISMA.

See a full list of member benefits on the ISMA website.

The ISMA’s communications ranked in the 88th percentile, and the website ranked in the 82th percentile when compared to other state medical associations.

Several respondents suggested the ISMA cease print publications and send weekly e-mail updates. However, since only a quarter of our members have provided their e-mail addresses, delivering news only electronically is premature.

Currently, e-Reports, the ISMA’s electronic newsletter, is available to any member who provides an e-mail address. If you prefer not to receive the printed ISMA Reports, send an e-mail to Vicki Riley, and ask to be removed from the printed newsletter mailing list.

While some members said they never use the ISMA website, others who do use it were satisfied. Suggestions for improvement will be incorporated into a re-design to make navigation simpler and information easier to find.

Some respondents said they dislike or do not use social networking, but there was general interest in having an ISMA presence on social media sites. The ISMA started using Twitter in January and launched a Facebook fan page in September.

Members expressed appreciation for the advocacy efforts of the Government Relations department and for ISMA legal services.

One member requested a political forum with contact information. ISMA districts normally sponsor such events. The Indiana Medical Political Action Committee (IMPAC) has information on its new website.

Several members asked for links to legislators’ websites; find those listed on the ISMA website.

The Government Relations department uses Voter Voice to alert members of issues to discuss with their Congressmen. Often those appeals contain talking points for a letter, e-mail or face-to-face meeting. Become a Key Contact to receive future updates.

Suggestions for educational topics varied from health reform and electronic health records to practice management and clinical topics. Several respondents requested educational programs in their areas; only one member suggested webinars.

Survey details
The survey, conducted among 15 state medical societies by 9gs Enterprises, has a +/-6 percent margin of error. Conducted only online, the survey reflects the opinions of ISMA active members, residents, retired and student members for whom the ISMA has e-mail addresses and members who used a published link to access the survey.

Winner of the iPod Shuffle for participating in the survey is Lee Fischer, M.D., a family medicine physician from Indianapolis.

9gs survey

Here’s how the ISMA ranked in the survey when compared to 15 other state medical associations. Bottom number on the dial reflects the percentage that ranked below the ISMA in each category.
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