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INSPECT alerts provide you valuable information about your patients
e-Reports, October 25, 2010
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If you prescribe controlled substances, you may start receiving new Person of Interest alerts from the Indiana Prescription Electronic Collection and Tracking (INSPECT) program.

On Oct. 12, the Indiana Board of Pharmacy began mailing and e-mailing alerts notifying both users and non-users of INSPECT about patients who have exceeded dispensing guidelines.

“It’s important for our members to know that this is not a witch hunt, or evidence that a crime has taken place,” cautioned Mike Rinebold, ISMA’s director of Government Relations. “The purpose of these unsolicited reports is to provide doctors with information to help them decide if they want to continue treating patients named in the alerts.”

INSPECT alerts are issued if one of your patients receives controlled substance prescriptions from more than 10 practitioners in a 60-day span. For the top 25 percent of that group, notification is sent by mail or e-mail to every practitioner who wrote a controlled substance prescription for that patient in those 60 days.

The notification will provide the patient’s name, date of birth and address. You can find the patient in INSPECT to review a prescription history.

“Doctors are not required to use INSPECT, but we do urge them to register for the program, verify any alert and consider their options,” advised Rinebold. “It’s also important to note that state and federal laws protect physicians when discussing the reports with other treating providers.”

Find details about the INSPECT unsolicited reports and registration here.

Read more about the proper use of INSPECT in the Sept. 20 issue of ISMA Reports.

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