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New approach can help you work faster, more efficiently
e-Reports, September 20, 2010
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The ISMA brings you the following message from Indiana’s health commissioner*

Dr. Greg Larkin
Gregory M. Larkin, M.D.

State Health Commissioner

Picture this: A group of men dressed in white running as fast at their legs will carry them through the narrow cobblestone streets of a small town in Spain, as a bull is chasing closely on their heels. The caption below reads: Just because we have always done it this way, doesn’t mean it is not extremely stupid!

This is one of my favorite posters as it drives home a great point; you cannot be scared to try a new approach. For physicians who sign death certificates, the opportunity to try a new approach is now!

The Indiana Death Registration System (IDRS) is live and ready to use. The IDRS allows you to complete your portion of the death certificate by logging on to the secure IDRS. You may log on to the IDRS from any device that allows you to access the Internet.

This is a faster, more efficient way to ensure your patients receive that final step you provide in their care: completion of their death certificate. This system is required as of Jan. 1, 2011, but there is no reason to wait.

To learn more go to in.gov.

For those who are using the system, thank you! I ask that you help spread the word to our colleagues to ensure all that need to use the IDRS have completed a User Agreement, have a username, password and PIN.

The IDRS is being used every day and I encourage you to take that new approach and begin using it too.

* Printed at the request of Dr. Gregory Larkin, State Health Commissioner

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